Even as the Son of Man

At last night’s 1st Peter 3 bible study our 2-couples, 5-guys, 5-ladies group exuded expectant energy. I think we learned why Christ must always be first and foremost in any relationship. (vss 1-6 were fairly tense.)

“Finally!” yelled the ladies- “Likewise ye husbands!” The air thickened with anticipation. Being an older, single guy is wonderful- the one love of my life is Christ. As a young Christian husband I failed him (and my wife).

So did the indignant disciples in Matthew 20. Jesus called them together. “Those in high positions act as tyrants. It must not be like that among you- whoever wants precedence, let him be the servant. Even as the Son of man came to serve.”

In the Cross

The word of God is in the cross. The cross of God is the tree of life. The Son of man ate with sinners and drank the full cup of sin. The Son of God in flesh and blood emptied the rebellion of men into the bowels of eternity.

Arising alive, bringing back to men the Spirit of God- ‘Reconciling the world unto himself.’ His holy life offered to men- in the Cross. ‘Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad; let the sea roar, and the fullness thereof.’

Try the Spirits

There are as many spirits in the world as there are people, exponentially. I’m learning to ask, ‘Am I this moment a spirit of Christ, or of antichrist?’ It is always and forever one of the two.

“I came not to bring peace, but a sword.” There’s no middle ground in the moment I ask, ‘Am I for or against the cross of Christ? who is he to me?’ “He that is not with me is against me.”

Love God and People

The bible is full of references and reasons and ways to love my Creator but how do I do that? Well, I like to simplify most anything so that’s how I intend to love God. After all, Jesus wants us to “become as little children.” A child depends on a parent to example affection consistently. Christ showed the disciples full dependence on his Father.

I believe God’s way to love anyone is to give them positive attention. The Lord commands me to always love him completely in whatever I’m doing and thinking. Everything and everyone else pales compared to him. Impossible? Yes, but by the Spirit of the risen Christ in me. ‘For it is God that works in me both to will and to do his pleasure.’

Seek ye my Face

(Okay, I’m stuck on King James’ Queen’s English. I grew up with it, and more importantly- I can easily word-search its quirky phrases.) To me, seeking God’s face is looking him square in the eye.

‘My heart said unto thee, Thy face, LORD, will I seek.’ To this day God calls to all, ‘Adam, where are you?’ We’re in one of two places: hiding from his presence, or seeking his face. ‘Try the spirits.’

In the Land of Now

Where am I? Does God see my thoughts and intentions and outward acts as one? ‘For I desire mercy and not sacrifice; the knowledge of God more than offerings.’ I am now.

Knowledge of God accepts from him each mundane detail of my life on earth. How I consciously respond to each and every “now” determines my walk with God. ‘Seek ye my face.’

Following Christ

I follow Jesus Christ. I’m drawn to him more than any one or thing for 3 main reasons- I hear his voice, I believe he’s God, and I want to know him. My short blogs will mostly explore my personal relationship with God, via Christ. Following Christ does everything I do in his sight. That’s how I learn.

Writing helps me develop and organize my thoughts. Sometimes I don’t know what to think about stuff until I start talking or writing about it to others. “Oh yeah, that’s what I think!” Likewise, following Christ ventures out to you. I’ll explain the hows and ways I trust him in day-to-day life.