God in My Thoughts

To me, seeking God suggests that God seeks me. He’s evident in my thinking and I care not why. “I AM THAT I AM.” However, I also think I’m able to analyze such thoughts away because generally I don’t want to be subject to anything over and above me. And so begins rocky relationship with God as revealed by the bible writers’ characters. After all, the bible is our thoughts of God, and his perceived thoughts of us.

So my interest in any category exploring the existence of God is subject to God himself. To me he eclipses evolution, even Creation etc: my interest is here and now, today. And in Christ-come-in-the-flesh (my flesh!) I presently know him. Christians do have the answer- we are born of God’s Spirit, his eternal life. And yet still we can analyze him away for an indefinite spell, relative to how close we want to be. He leaves that up to us.

Become as Little Children

My favorite people are kindergarteners because they’re openly honest and genuine to a fault. Their field of vision has their full attention even as it’s continuously changing. They’re a close-knit and loyal peer group, stepping up and empathizing with a classmate, showing no barriers or biases among them.

To me kindergarten is the last hurrah before we become self conscious, judgmental and suspicious. And so Jesus: “You must be born again.. unless you turn, and become as little children, you won’t see God’s POV.. start fresh, take on his disposition.. receive him.”


I’m increasingly aware that God’s desire is me. The term “personal relationship” seems almost impersonal compared to the course he’s laid out. He wants me to know him as he knows me and of course that’s an eternal undertaking.

Whether Abel or Abram or Peter or me God reveals himself to us in increments. The key is obedience. When he put his Spirit in me the war of natures began, for, as much as I resent obeying God I crave knowing him.

Jesus Christ is my Pattern- the same stuff that crossed his path crosses mine. The choice may not be clear yet the intent is- will I listen to him? Am I taking orders from him? In all my nitty gritty duties, “To obey is better than sacrifice.”

Lost and Refound

I think heaven is a shared universe with God. My thoughts and imaginations and intentions exposed to him. (Think of that.) I think that very relationship is the Eden we lost, refound only in Christ via a new birth.

I believe at birth we are stillborn, that is, dead to God. Enter the life and death and resurrection of Christ. The “resurrection life” is my universe because I now ‘walk in the light’ of his eyes. I have a personal relationship with God.

On Things Above

We live in a mad world that seeks our attention. Neither introspection nor community service will work because the madness is within each of us. We need a Source outside of us to overshadow us, to come upon us.

Jesus said, ‘If I go.. I will come again.. the Comforter will come.’ It’s that simple. ‘He that believes on me will outflow rivers of living water.’ Kinda like a lawn sprinkler or irrigation ditch.

Where is God

Humanity’s obsessed with God: where is he? why does he stay hidden? I believe God’s in our minds, our conscience, asking to be received in Person. I believe God wants personal relationship and where I go with my thoughts and inward dialogue determines who God is to me, right now.

Although consistent, the Bible stories we grew up with are probably a lot inaccurate. The Jewish record keepers focused more on personal names, genealogies and on an event’s religious significance. God was ‘in their heads.’ People have always been fascinated by gods; Abraham and the Israelites narrowed them down to one–Jehovah.

So what’s up with the Bible’s many claims that, “The LORD said unto so-and-so”? I think he spoke to their conscience as he does with ours. Moses saw the sun reflecting on a mountainside bush and credited it to fire, and so to God. He was aware of Jehovah, and the resulting conversation was with him.

And this is where personal relationship comes in. And to me, precisely why we’re here on earth. So I follow through with this inner conversation based on what works for Bible writers. Plus, I take Jesus Christ to be the door to this relationship via a new birth. My personal relationship with God began when I received him. Now I have a never-ending back-and-forth. I adore him.

Creeds and Beliefs

When I begin to list creeds and beliefs where is Jesus Christ? The knowledge of good and evil belongs to him. “Come unto me, and drink.” The life of God will flow out of me in torrents unnoticed.

“Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, you have no life in you.” Jesus of Nazareth’s strong symbolism makes perfect sense: “the life of the flesh is in the blood.” God delights to join the natural with his Spirit.

“Jesus Christ is come in the flesh” means he is come into mine. The life of God mixed with the dust of man. Life’s little details become my divine callings. Creeds and beliefs begone! they’re but backwash to truth. Jesus said, “I am the truth.”

The Bible Story

The Bible is a collection of books that all breathe and pulsate redemption: “Return to me.” Humanity is collectively stillborn, that is, dead to God. Therefore Christ.

Every bible book at least touches on God seeking you and me. Take its science and history and numbers with a grain of salt; see the Redeemer alone. ‘From death to life.’

Bible Trumper

I get a bit stirred when a Bible thumper hails scripture as his final authority. Often Psalm 138.2 is used; “.. for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.” Okay, what is “thy word?” What is “thy name?” And above all, what is “above all?!”

Here’s my strategy when faced with confusing scripture. (Yes, there’s a lot!) First, look at the Lord–calmly look him in the eyes. Before I do anything I seek sensual contact with him. Hey, I know he’s watching me anyways.

And there’s my answer: the Lord Jesus Christ. Anything more, anything less is anti-christ. Simply looking at him resolves the issue. The question’s importance quickly fades, measured up against his authority. He is above all my final Authority.

Rightly Related to God

Up on Mount Sinai Moses received a rough outline of God’s laws while the people below broke them. They were afraid of God; Moses feared. A right relationship with God is a personal responsibility to him. God’s laws are harsher than he is, and isn’t that his point?

In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus power-points God’s New Covenant: being born again opens the door to a relationship with him. Mind you, a perpetual-working, personal relationship whereby I’m to love one God, and all people. I’m to hear his words, and do unto others.

From Day One, the Ten Commandments begat failure. Then in Matthew 5, 6 and 7, the Lord set forth an even more impossible principle. Perfection. Moses’ impersonal Do’s and Don’ts are outwardly possible, sort of; not so what Christ requires of his disciples. A right relationship with him hides nothing.

Jesus said, “Be ye perfect, even as is your heavenly Father.” Not possible but by his Spirit in me–my intent is for his honor. A man that ‘walks in the light as God is in the light,’ intends to do so. “You have heard it said, ‘You shall not commit adultery,’ but I say, Whoever looks on a woman to lust has committed adultery in his heart.”

This way of life is that yoke Jesus asks us to share with him. “This is the way, now walk in it.” I’m not alone shouldering the weight of the world. “Take my yoke upon you, learn from me.” The wholeness of a man grows via his intimate relationship with God. Loyalty is to a Person, not principles. “Search me, O God, and know my heart.”