Even as the Son of Man

At last night’s 1st Peter 3 bible study our 2-couples, 5-guys, 5-ladies group exuded expectant energy. I think we learned why Christ must always be first and foremost in any relationship. (vss 1-6 were fairly tense.)

“Finally!” yelled the ladies- “Likewise ye husbands!” The air thickened with anticipation. Being an older, single guy is wonderful- the one love of my life is Christ. As a young Christian husband I failed him (and my wife).

So did the indignant disciples in Matthew 20. Jesus called them together. “Those in high positions act as tyrants. It must not be like that among you- whoever wants precedence, let him be the servant. Even as the Son of man came to serve.”


  1. Thank you, this was very telling, and upfront. I am also a older man, never married, the Lord informed me be single, and it was all for the best.
    So it sounds as if you have a home meeting with other believer’s in Christ our Lord.
    Lord bless you.


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