Seek ye my Face

(Okay, I’m stuck on King James’ Queen’s English. I grew up with it, and more importantly- I can easily word-search its quirky phrases.) To me, seeking God’s face is looking him square in the eye.

‘My heart said unto thee, Thy face, LORD, will I seek.’ To this day God calls to all, ‘Adam, where are you?’ We’re in one of two places: hiding from his presence, or seeking his face. ‘Try the spirits.’


      1. Is there any evidence of this that cannot be adequately explained by hormones, neurology, and where your focused attention—that narrow band of radar that observes outside your skin? “Spirit” is simply your gut feeling.

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      2. Well phrased. I must agree, it’s a gut feeling based on my view of the universe, and the bible. If there wasn’t a bible, I’d still probably suspect someone was behind it all.

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      3. There is only one path to the truth and that cannot contain contradiction. What we see the world actually as it is, not as it is wished to be by some existential hope or fear. That is where the truth lay.
        The Tao teaches the universe is a self governing organism, and you are but an aperture. The Hindus teach that there is nothing that is not god. That good and evil only happen to itself, both actually solve the problem of evil and the “all good” god. It’s in the Bible too, but the dogma doesn’t allow it. It’s even in the New Testament. The “good news” was ignored by the Hebrew culture and Jesus became the object of worship instead of his teaching. Worshipping the messenger and failing to grasp the message.


      4. Even Jesus seemed to contradict- ‘the prince of peace came to divide’ etc. God will do his way because he’s God. I believe Christ laid down his life to give God’s life to us.


      5. It seems you’ve missed the core of the gospel. If you were to take a look at some other philosophies you might see that Jesus was trying to tell you something that is forbidden to hear. But if it had been heard we’d have it be done here on earth as it was in heaven, and as Jesus said “greater miracles than these will you do”, but not by belief which is the barrier to it happening.


      6. Yes, to save you from himself. I get that. But are you not free to choose for yourself? Yet you are born without choice but to be a sinner? Makes no sense.


      7. Technically, I’m not free to choose for myself- I gave up that right when I put myself in his hands. Yet I still buck him- it’s why the Christian world is a mess.


      8. Maybe it’s a mess because you are not choosing for yourself? The world is divided by beliefs, even when intellectually they know better. Belief is not the cure, but the cause.


      9. Again nicely phrased, because I see your point. Phooey on beliefs and creeds- I’m with God. I agree with him (the bible), that sin (our independence of God), is the cause.


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